VIP Staking : Extra slots missing

Hello, I just made a VIP stacking, all is Ok in the profile section but where are the 20 skill set slots ? Even slot 6 and 7 says that It’s reserved for VIP only.
My wallet : 0x528F9aA69103d037CdE9b39DE64d5685E7086bDe

My roosters are dead even if the autofeed is on, come on guys

Please go to Rooster Battle instead of /play, and take screenshot of the skill slot UI so we can check your bug.

Ok, Slots 6 and 7 are available with the new link you provided. what about the others please ?

Also I’m afraid the autofeed would fail again.

We are looking into it.

The auto-feed feature is running fine now

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Slots 6 and 7 unavailable again.


is it on /playvip URL or on /play?

Ok on playvip/ I have slot 6 & 7 available, sorry.