Spend 30000 rgold for epic rooster and the rooster still missing

I spend 2 breedings for epic rooster for 30000 rgold and I still cannot get epic roosters.I used #1258 for both breeding.You can check my transaction history

Thanks for contacting us.

Your rooster #1258 is now synced. You. can check again

#1258 but I used it for both breeding .Where is another 15000 rgold.Because When I breed on the first time my rooster didn’t change.Then I used the same rooster breeded on the 2nd hen as well

Could you send us the 2 transactions?

You can check my transaction on bscscan.if the screenshot are too small because of my phone.Now I wasted my 15000rgold and maybe 50 rice for the breeding as well


I don’t need screenshot (I can see all your transactions in your wallet). But I need the exact 2 transactions you used for breeding and lose 15000 RICEs.

Or at least, please provide the time you tried breeding so we can look for transaction easier

About 1 hours 41 minutes ago from this reply

Or you can check the time I asked in telegram support .

The time was about 9.30-9.43 or a little bit earlier than that


Indeed. You were using the same Rooster for the breeding. The rooster was Epic, but then you go breeding again. The contract does not check for epic type, so the transaction was sucessful again. (Epic type was refereshed once more)

For this case, we can refund you 1 more Epic rooster. Is that ok for you?

Umm ok thank you .Because i that rooster didn’t change after i breeded .

I’ll check again if you already give 1 epic rooster

An Epic Rooster has been airdropped to you.


Ok i got it thank you very much