RGOLD and GAS problem

I do have 2 issues

1 - RGOLD counting wrong. Sometimes i have the right amount, sometimes i have all erased and back to some value i can’t remember if it is correct;
2 - I have tried to breed/open eggs and get blockchain error, but the gas did deduct from my wallet. You can see it with the exclamation in red in my bscscan wallet history. It happened many times in different days.


  1. RGOLDs reward (from battles) are verified daily. The amount you got from battles are called “unverified”, they are then verified by the Admin, and become “verified” RGOLDs which you can claim. So, I’m not sure when you say “erased”, what does it mean? Please capture the screenshot of the issue, the time, and your wallet so we can check.

  2. And what’s your wallet?


I see the fail transactions. This is BSC blockchain issue which we cannot control. It’s because during the minting, a random seed is used to calculate Rooster Stats. This is quite expensive action and sometimes failed.

It only happens in Miting, not “feeding” as you mention.

Hi, I can’t claim my RGOLD. It has error on gas fee. Can you please help me. Thanks.

My wallet is 0x779B34e79C4252503f7c9986446E0214002Bf871

It seems like RGOLD pool is almost empty at the moment. You can ask the group admin for this issue.