Not all verified Rewards are credited

Hello Team Good day.
The RGOLD reward credited did not match the RGOLD rewards as per Battle History (Verified)
In short not all Verified rewards were credited.
I started monitoring since Aug 7 and I found out that I lost more then 400 RGOLD everyday.
The more days passed the more RGOLD I lost.
Hopefully this issue will be resolved ASAP, and my lost RGOLD will be returned (I dont know when this problem started, I just found out last Aug 7 when I try to monitor my rewards)
Have a good day everyone.

Anybody willing to take action on this?


What’s your wallet?

My wallet address

Thanks. I wonder what’s your timezone?

According to your battle results, here’s your earning RGOLDs (GMT +0)

From 6-7.Aug: 1561
From 7-8.Aug: 1450
From 8-9.Aug: 1430
From 9-10.Aug: 1645

The time when you see your verified RGOLDs number, for example 11.Aug 00:00:00, is not when all battles rewards of the previous day (10.Aug) verified. So I don’t think your monitor data is correct.

We did a test on your battles from 09.Aug to 10.Aug - we dis-verify those battles, and verify them again. The result : your balance increased 1645 RGOLDs. So it is still correct.

Could you explain your method of tracking?

Thanks for your response.
That’s right 1645 as per Battle Result.
Pls take note of my verified gold from previous day its 4490.
If you add 4490+1645=6135(this should be my Verified gold)
But the verified gold is only 5653
If we deduct 5653-4490=482(I lost this number of golds)
Pls see below screenshot.
These were taken before the first rooster sent to camp.
Also please take note of the time and date shown on the lower right corner of the screenshot.


There are 2 points:

  • First, number of battles (when you say from 9-10.Aug) is counted from 0:00 UTC +0. If your timezone is not UTC +0, then it will be different.
  • Second, as I said, at the time when you check the verified RGOLDs, not ALL battles before that time are verified. Let say there were 100 battles happened, only 50 battles were verified until that time. So the number you calculated from battles is not 100% number of RGOLDs increased.

Ist Point - These screenshot were taken at around 10:00am equivalent to UTC+0.
2nd Point - I did not see unverified RGOLD, meaning all battles has been verified. If there are unverified battle it should appear on the Unverified RGOLDs, but in this case there is no unverified Rgold.

Thanks for the information. We are looking into this and will get back to you soon


We have reviewed your battles.

From 06.Aug 00:00 UTC+0 - until now (15.Aug 06:45 UTC+0) you have 1680 battles and earn 10187 RGOLDs.

All are verfied now. According to your provided number, at 06.Aug 00:00 UTC+0 you have 2184 RGODs. Your balance now should be 12371.

Your current balance is 11400. So for some reasons, you balance is missing 971 RGOLDs. Not 400+ RGOLDs each day.

Tracing this number will require investigation from the begining. Therefore, we will update your balance to match with the new calculated number (12371).

If you need more information from us, you can directly inbox me.