New ratio of hatching into hen

:chicken: NEW RATIO OF HATCHING INTO HEN :chicken:

Based on the final result of Poll (Telegram: Contact @RoosterBattle), breeding function will be re-opened and there will be an update for Hen from 8:00 UTC 21 April as below:

  • Ratio of hatching into Hen: decrease to 14.28% each breeding time. It means that the supply of Hen will reduce.
  • Breeding cost: same price 3000 RGOLD + 50 RICE for each breeding time

With the above change, 2 Epic Hen (Hen that bred 7/7 times) events will be closed from 21st April:

  • Event β€œStake Hens, Earn RICE reward”
  • Breeding event: Breed Epic Hen with Common Rooster to get Epic Rooster

:+1: For players who staked Hen before April 21st, you will still receive your reward when it is due to withdraw.