Lost staking redeem

I’ve left the harvestable feeding items in staking package 9+on chain/day__ after I redeem my RICE. When I get back to harvest the items, it’s no longer there. This is my wallet address, 0x175dDE65b21c36f6261E34c404c0E8823C33981D___. Kindly check. TY.

I staked 20 000 rice


I can see that you have redeemed all your RICEs and items as well. You staked 21 times and redeemed RICEs 21 times. (21000 RICEs)

For game items, you have redeemed 2470 items in which 76 potions and 768 x 3 other items (crickets, grasshoppers, lizards)

Perhaps you harvested them all and you missunderstood that you didn’t? Here are your all redeem GameItems transaction hashes which you can check


Hi…can you please help me…I cant redeem my staked armored rooster and rgold…this is my wallet address 0x779B34e79C4252503f7c9986446E0214002Bf871…thank you

@icecube0730 I cannot find any stakes which you own. Are you sure that you provide the correct wallet?

0x779B34e79C4252503f7c9986446E0214002Bf871 is my wallet address…I staked armored rooster last 4/24/2022…these are the rooster IDs… 13048, 136649, 139220, 44255, 138499, 73852, 139219, 72849, 46281, 73870, 74006

Indeed, my mistake. You can try again now

thank you very much sir…

another thing, my rooster ID 13048 and 73870 was not in armored after my redeem…they still FW…can you please check…same wallet address 0x779B34e79C4252503f7c9986446E0214002Bf871

I enhanced 3 armored rooster bronze to silver but it did not happened. My rooster were burned and deduct my rgold and rice…please help me…this is the txn hash 0x11e9cc8c348d5238388f4d41e0deb3bc373d2e165f2bdbba65465faecbf08482…thank you

I don’t know what you did, but 13048 was burnt. and 73870 is already in your wallet 0x779B34e79C4252503f7c9986446E0214002Bf871

Please check again.

Rooster #73852 is now synced to Silver Level. Please check again

My roooster #73870 is armored bronze but it is still FW…Rooster #13048 I burned it to silver its fine now…can you please check rooster #73870…thanks

thank you very much for the response…