I do not see all Roosters in my profile

Before answering the main question, let me explain how the Profile page works.

In general, if you have many NFTs in your wallet (taken into account NFTs from other GameFi, not only Rooster Battle), the loading speed may be slow. This is due to the nature of blockchain. Our suggestion is to divide your NFTs into different wallets so you do not hold too many NFTs in one.

In Rooster Battle, we have different NFTs which are created by different smart contracts (Rooster, Skill, Hen, Egg, GameItem). So when you go to your profile and load NFTs, it needs to query from different contract addresses. Therefore, to save time, you should select which type of NFT you want to load using the selectbox. In addition, because some of the NFT properties are stored on chain, we also need to paginate the results (16 items/load). If you have many NFTs, you need to click “Load More” several time

Screenshot 2022-02-26 142622

Now, back the to main question. The number one reason is Rooster & Skill are created using 1 contract. So when you load 16 items, they are both Rooster and Skill. Even if you filter by “Rooster” solely or “Skill” solely, both types are loaded. For example, below is the screenshot when you loaded the first page, and choose filter by “Rooster”.

You only see 1 Rooster, while 16 NFTs are loaded. It’s because 15 other NFTs are Skills, and being hidden. If you switch back to filter by “Rooster & Skill”, you will see all items

We cannot filter or order items directly on-chain (because it does not support that). Thus, to see all your roosters, you must click “Load More” until all your items are loaded, then you will see all your roosters