Experiencing BUG since December 30, 2023 - The life of the roosters is not eqaul from feeding section to combat and inventory section

Refer to this report last December 30, 2022 Telegram


We have. checked your feeding history and see that the stamina of your roosters were not equal at the time of your feeding. Furthermore, if one of your roosters is dead, then if you don’t feed Potion to him, it will be wasted.

Therefore, please make sure you have enough food, enough potions and/or your roosters are alive.

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I feed all that time, that’s why i reported that I’m experiencing an issue. As I have said the life of the roosters is not equal from feeding section to inventory and combat section. Kindly fix as soon as possible?

Why should I feed potion that time, since all my roosters was alive. My concern is the life of the roosters from feeding section is not equal to inventory and combat section.


According to the history, your roosters were not equally in stamina. And your screenshots do not show the issue.

For example, your screenshot in feeding is showing rooster #872, while in inventory you are showing rooster #1139 and #47268. That does not reflect the real issue. We have checked the stamina of those roosters at the time of your feeding, and they do not have the same stamina.

The “feed all” feature means you feed roosters with same kinds and numbers of food. It does not mean that all of your roosters will have the same stamina after feeding, because it will depend on the current stamina of each rooster.

If you can record a video of the issue at the time it happens, let us know. We will provide you the exact stamina and feeding history of the roosters for you.

Hope it is clear for you

I used feed all features before, can you show me the feeding history from your side?

Here is the latest history of your feeding.

At the last time, you feed 4 items of cricket to all roosters. All of them were die, except Rooster #872. You should use the navigation links in the Feeding screen to check your roosters’s stamina.