Epic Breeding Failed

Please fix epic breeding for my rooster ID 142771. My wallet address is …834E. Thank you

Please fix also epic breeding for rooster ID 131267. Thank you!

Hi can you fix epic rooster #142508 thanks by advance !

142771, 131267, 142508 are synced.


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Please fix epic breeding rooster ID #141858…thanks


It has been synced. Please check

thank you for the immediate response

Hello, can you update the rooster #142384 please ?


thanks !

Yes it is synced already. it is now Epic

Please fix epic breeding rooster ID #12972…thanks


#12972 is synced now. Kindly check again

epic breeding for rooster #144361 failed. can you fix it ?
adress : 0x528F9aA69103d037CdE9b39DE64d5685E7086bDe

Your Epic rooster is now synced! Thanks