Common issues and bugs

1. Gas error - 0.36BNB gas fee showing?

If you are claming Reward (GOLDs or RICEs), probably the reward pool is almost empty. How to check if the pool is empty?

For GOLDs, check:

For RICEs, check:

If other actions showing “Gas error - 0.36BNB gas fee”, it is certainly an error. Please report to the Support team

2. JSON RPC-ERROR - code -32000

Probably it’s BSC error or metamask. Try in another time, or

Try with another browser

3. I bought Food Items, but cannot see them

4. Transaction was not mined within 50 blocks…


This is BSC error. The chain is busy and cannot complete the transaction. Try again later.

5. Invalid function “XXX” error


This happens when our backend server is doing a rebuild to update new code/features. It only happens for a few seconds, so you can just wait and try again after a while

6. I have 500+ NFTs in my wallet and when I log into game, it takes too long to load

This happens when your wallet has too many NFTs (over 500 items). Due to the structure of blockchain and BSC network, owning too many NFTs will affect the loading speed when accessing the game. We recommend that you transfer some of your NFTs to your other wallets through our tool to keep the amount of NFTs under 500.

The transfer tool can be found at Rooster Battle NFT Game - Marketplace (tab NFT Transfer)