Breeding and Incubate section big bug

Hello, since a few days, Breeding section is bugged and freezed. It says I have 100 hens and the screen freeze when I browse them.

Same thing for Incubate section.
I have eggs that popped out from nowhere.

Can you do something ?
My adress : 0x528f9aa69103d037cde9b39de64d5685e7086bde


There is a known issue with our Blockchain Node service provider (Moralis). We are aware of this issue and are working to fix it.

Thanks for notifying us


The bug fixed. Please clear cache and try again.

Bug came back. screen is freezing when browsing rooster or hen (I have 2-3 hens top)

The address is still: 0x528f9aa69103d037cde9b39de64d5685e7086bde


Yes correct. 0x528F9aA69103d037CdE9b39DE64d5685E7086bDe