BIG UPDATE [April 2022]


This April, we are going to implement a big update in order to enhance your experience and attract new players to join the pool!

Whatโ€™s new?
:chicken: 4 April: VIP Stake Event open. New features for VIP Staker that you may not want to miss! Read here for detail!
(April 2022: VIP Stake Event!!! - by Rooster Battle)
:art: 4 April: Rooster tailor-made service open. Design an unique armor for your roosters. Why not?!
:crossed_swords: 5 April: Guild creating feature - Create and mange your clan and get ready for new tournament
:chicken: 6 April: Legendary Rooster release in-game
:chicken: 6 April: Epic Roosterโ€™s hidden skill effect will be available
:zap:10 April: Multilanguage is available! Starting first with Vietnamese, Chinese and Portuguese

:fire: Are you ready for this! :fire:

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